Zhejiang Wuyi Shenlong Flotation Co., Ltd.is located at Hushan Street, WuyiCounty,near to Huanglong Development Zone, adjacent to Shangsong provincial highway. It is a comprehensive fluorite processing enterprise integrating mining, flotation, and drying, and has three branch plants, 2 fluorite mines, with an annual production capacity of 140,000 tons of acidic fluorite powder and 180,000 tons of various ore particles.


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In Zhejiang Province and Fujian Province, there are four fluorite mines with million tons of reserves, four fluorite concentrators with an annual production capacity of 200000 tons of fluorite and 200000 tons of fluorite concentrate powder

Extensive use

The company's new building materials plant has an annual output of 300000 cubic meters of aerated concrete blocks and 100 million tailing autoclaved bricks. Its products are widely used in all kinds of building structures. 

Energy saving

In recent years, the company's scientific and technological personnel have done a lot of research in resource utilization and environmental protection, and achieved good results


It is the first one in China to realize tailings free mining and beneficiation, and the project is listed as "demonstration project of mineral resource conservation and comprehensive utilization" by the Ministry of land and resources.

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The company has always attached great importance to environmental protection, clean production and comprehensive utilization of resources. In 2005, it was identified as one of the 100 pilot enterprises of circular economy in Zhejiang Province by the Economic and Trade Commission of Zhejiang Province. In June 2007, the aerated concrete project was identified as the key project of the “991 Action Plan” for the development of the circular economy in 2007 by the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Provincial Recycling Office.

Million tons of reserves

With an annual production of 200,000 tons of fluorite blocks and 200,000 tons of fluorite concentrate powder, it is one of the largest producers of fluorite mineral products in China


Standard for aerated concrete blocks

1 The ex-factory products shall have product quality instructions. The instructions shall include: manufacturer name, trademark, product mark, main technical performance and production date of this batch of products. 2 The blocks shall be stored for more than 5 days before leaving the factory. The blocks shall be stored and stacked in such a way that the site is flat, marked with the same type, specification and grade, neat and stable, and rain-proof measures shall be taken. 3 When transporting products, they should be bundled in piles or packed in other ways. Products used for thermal insulation must be bundled and wrapped with plastic film. During transportation and loading and unloading, special machines and tools should be used. It is forbidden to drop, throw or dump the dump truck. The following standards contain provisions that, through reference in this standard, constitute provisions of this standard. At the time of publication of this standard, all versions shown are valid.


Main uses of jadeite block ore

Fluorite has a wide range of uses. With the progress of science and technology, its application prospects are increasingly broad. At present, it is mainly used as the raw material for the production of cryolite for aluminum smelting flux in the metallurgical industry, the raw material for the production of hydrofluoric acid, various hydrofluorinates and refrigerant Freon in the chemical industry, the decorative material in the building materials industry, and the light industry, optics, sculpture and national defense industry. Therefore, according to the use requirements, there are four main series of fluorite products in China, namely fluorite lump ore, fluorite (fluorite) concentrate, fluorite powder ore and optical and carved fluorite.


What kind of autoclaved lime sand brick is

Building bricks made of lime and sand. Although autoclaved sand-lime bricks can be used in the walls and load-bearing structures of industrial and civil buildings, their strength should exceed MU15 and MU15 when used in load-bearing structures and other building parts, and they should not be used for long-term heating above 200 ℃.


Advantages of autoclaved lime sand brick

The raw material of autoclaved lime-sand brick is mainly sand. Promoting autoclaved lime-sand brick to replace clay brick has a positive effect on reducing environmental pollution, protecting farmland and improving building functions. The performance of autoclaved lime-sand brick is analyzed and studied, the problems existing in the application of autoclaved lime-sand brick are discussed, and the technical measures that should be taken in design and construction are put forward.